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Welcome back to another blog post!

It’s been a minute for me on all my social media pages. As I approach two years of blogging I guess I am taking a break. I’ve been thinking about myself and my persona on Instagram and other social media platforms and what I can do to improve myself. Trying to understand why my following has not kick off the way I wanted and why I do not get the engagement that want from people.

Perhaps I do no share that much of myself on the platforms? Or I am not discussing the right thing for you all to want to engage with me? Or maybe my photographs need to be better or better cropped?  The thing is after reading several articles, books, and watching videos. I do everything the state and suggest but nothing is working. Therefore, I am taking a different approach to my blog and my social media.

Since I will not be making any money off of the internet, I will no longer treat this like a job. I will not be treating this like a full time job nor a part time job. There is so much work that goes into photographing and making a video or a photo that most people do not know how much it can take up your time. Since I am working a job already I do not have the energy to work on my photograph full time with my condition. It tends to be too much for me on a daily basis. I cannot do the other things I need to do, for example, clean the house.  I stated this before I will treat this like my job, when it becomes my job.

Another thing I am approaching differently, so that I will focus less on the fashion and more of the photography. This upcoming year I want to focus more on the photography aspect of me doing this. Try to make more creative and better photos. Make great compositions and most of all art. I want to take my skills and me taking photos of myself to the next level. Try to make them more interesting to look at. Make the compositions more artistic and have me more a part of the scene then have the photograph just be all about me.

Here is my first attempt in making an advance selfie.  And I know I have been taking photographs of myself for about two years now with my camera. I finally figured out more creative ways to take photographs of myself.  I want to continue along this path and really try to perfect it and my style. From now on I will talk more about the photographs and not what I am wearing. I will be focusing on just the photography this year.

Love you all,


In this shoot:

Top by Lane Bryant

Pants by Torrid

Sunglasses by Lane Bryant

Shoes by Converse


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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