Welcome to Cape May, NJ

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Hello and welcome to my annual Jersey shore blog post. This year I decided to start at the very bottom in Cape May, NJ. Beautiful Cape May, the southernmost point of New Jersey. It was very hard to decide this year where I would like to go and show you along the coast. I actually had to make a decision this year than just falling upon it. The place that everyone has decided to go. Personally, I like Cape May. It is a small town that although gets a lot of tourist with so many landmarks such as The Lighthouse, The Cape May Zoo, and the State Park for some reason it feels more open and less crowed than other Jersey shore towns, like the Wildwoods. 

The beaches in Cape May are short and stunning. They have tiny rocks along the water line and you can find clear, polished quarts that are called Cape May diamonds. The beaches are interesting because the last two times I was there, the waves were short and rough, like the ripped tides are still strong in this early June. The weather has been interesting because the heat is usually steady consistent by this time of year but we’ve been having a lot of cool, summer days around the area. So the ocean hasn’t warmed up just yet. It will not get there until end of July. So, I will have to wait just a bit longer to go swimming.

As for the photography I did something different.  I am trying to expand my compositions and angles, not to mention my poses. It is starting to be more about the art and less of the clothes. I want to make art and take great photographs of nature and myself. I am considering the places I go and myself as my subject matter and what I like to photograph. I like taking this epic, advanced selfies (self-portraits). Do I look weird doing photographing in public? Oh, hell yeah! But I like doing the process and getting it done. And I love what comes out from it.  Maybe someday I will make a video for you all on how I do it, especially the issues I face when I go out and do this kind of stuff.

As for my outfit, It’s the bikini top I had on last year and a skirt that I bought from Torrid at the end of the summer so I did not have time to wear it. Okay, so I haved photographed myself in this bikini top three times already.  That’s how great this top is. I just love it and cannot stop wearing outside. It’s just looks so goo on me. Next time, I will see how it looks on me without the extra straps. I am always so nervous about going out strapless thinking I will have barely enough support for my large breast. Yup, just another one of my insecurities that I will someday get over and start wearing more strapless tops and dresses. But right now I am working on it. I know for some women just exposing their upper arms is a big deal. I empathized what it must be like mentally for them if they ever have to go strapless and expose more of their upper body. That thought might never even cross their mind or even look at wearing an off the shoulder top or dress without an over piece. But it good to try and see what it looks like. The one thing I’ve learned over the past two years, most of the time you just need to wear the right under garment.

I hope you all love the pictures of the beach. There will be more coming soon whenever I can get to finishing editing them and posting. Everything is pretty much done on my free time now compared to last year where I was constantly working on my Instagram.

Take care now. And do not forget wear a bathing suit this summer!

Love you all,


In this Shoot:

Crochet Bikini Top by Torrid

Tye Dye Ombre Skirt by Torrid

Sunglasses by Lane Bryant

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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