I’m Into Color Jeans


So I wanted this to be about Lane Bryant Fall 2018 collection, but I realize in the fast fashion industry that they are always coming out with new things every week and I do not have enough info nor have I’ve seen what they have come out with. Therefore, it might be wiser to come up with a summary about the season after it ended then in the beginning when most of the stuff hasn’t come out. So we will see what Lane Bryant does this season to its fall collection.

So one of the fashions I am into right now and will probably continue into the fall/winter season is different color jeans. Now it is not a trend, but just something that I like and just into wearing right now. I have so many of them now and I find them so fun. They are a great alternative to pants, especially since most jeans are guarantee to have pockets, and pants do not. I have a few pants that do not have any pockets and although do love them, I most likely not going to wear them to work because having pockets is more useful at work for me. Plus, the jeans are more comfortable for running around all day. So why not play it up with different color jeans instead of the regular blue denim. Denim is such a diverse material and can do so many things and there are so many different cuts and washes, no wonder why we can have so many different pairs of jeans in our closet.

These ones are from the Lane Bryant new denim collection. They are their Ultimate Stretch High Waisted Skinny jeans. Their jeans are design with a 360 stretch, sculpting, and recovery. So, the jeans help you bend and move but will not stretch out and lose their shape as fast as other jeans. Lane Bryant jeans are super comfortable and are probably one of the best plus size jeans you can buy on the market right now. Not only are the comfortable but they are a thick denim too so they last a long time, therefore, it takes longer to succumb to the dreaded cub-rub.

Now I usually wear a shirt tucked in with my high waisted pants. It just gives a long, lean silhouette.  But Lane Bryant had these high colar tunic tanks that were so light and just great looking I decided to get those instead. I actually got them in three different colors and been wearing all summer long. They are just perfect for this hot, sticky weather we’ve been having this season.

I know these jeans are skinny jeans and right now boot cut and straight leg are in style now. But I do not think that skinny jeans are being pushed aside for the other cuts. I think skinny jeans are just making room for boot and straight leg. I do not think skinny jeans will be completely out of style and a pair will be an essential for everyone’s wardrobe from now on. I absolutely love skinny jeans and even jeggings and will be styling them for defiantly years to come no matter what happens.

As for the upcoming week, I will not be going to fashion week and Curvy Con this year. Unfortunately, I could not afford to go up to New York City there this year. Perhaps, next year I will be able to go and have a good time. I would love to be able to go to New York once a year for fashion week. See most of the plus size fashion events and get a first peak to next season’s style and trends so I have a head start on what to look forward to and tell you all as soon as possible. Someday I will find a job that I can do and be able to make decent money to travel. Well, that is my dream.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love you all,

Valerie (your Jersey Girl)

In This Shoot:

Tunic Swing Tank by Lane Bryant

Ultimate Stretch Skinny Jeans by Lane Bryant

Shoes by ASOS

Chain Necklace by Lane Bryant




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