Revamping An Old Pair of Jeans


As we close in on August and move on into September fall fashion is right around the corner. I know it’s not the time to wear long sleeves shirts and jackets but it is time to think back to school and what I need to get for my fall wardrobe. “What do I need to replace from last year?”  is what you should be thinking right now. You don’t want to wait until last minute when you need something and everything is sold out in your size.

I promise I will do an article later about work attire for the fall. But back to school shopping is coming up, fast, and this is when clothing stores start to have sales. So, when we go shopping for school/fall what’s the one thing that we all need and/or always get? New Jeans! I know I always got a new pair when I was in school! But what about our old jeans? Well if they ripped up or maybe just stained you can always change them. That’s what I did. When I found out that distressed/ripped jeans are all the craze now, I wanted a pair. I didn’t have any in my closet but I knew you could always make some. Lucky for me I had a pair of stained jeans I kept during the move we just had.

When I have a favorite pair of jeans I always buy more than one pair, for chub rub purposes. You never know when a brand is going to discontinue a jean style they have. Then you lose a good pair to the dreaded chub rub holes in the inner thigh. And your heart just breaks because you have to find a new style. For me, my favorite pair for the past few years, it’s the Torrid jeggings! I love them! I’m on my third pair in the medium wash. One, I lost to chub rub. The second I thought I lost to because when we (my fiance and I) first got our kitten I cleaned his litter box before we left one day and they got stained. Lucky for me I just bought a back- up pair and just put them on. But at that time, since I didn’t lose them to the chub rub (By the way, even some skinny girls get chub rub. If your thighs touch, you get chub rub.) I kept them.  You never know when you need an old pair for cleaning or painting?

So, I had this kitten-stain pair of jeggings that were just sitting there doing nothing and I wanted a pair of distressed jeans. I came up with an idea, instead of buying a pair why not make a pair, myself? They are much sturdier when you cut them yourself. But how do you make the distressed look?……………….You Tube…………

There’s a You Tube video for how to do anything! That’s what I did, I watched a You Tube video on how to make distressed, ripped jeans. All you need is a pair of fabric scissors and some tweezers. What I did first was drew holes around the stains (I used charcoal that I had lying around but you can use tailor chalk). Then, I cut half-inch (or you can do 10mm) strips around the holes each cut smaller than the last because you are making a circle. With the tweezers pulled the blue fibers out which kept the white. After I had those holes covered I made some extra, trying them on during the process to see if they were to my satisfaction. Remember you can always make the holes bigger, not smaller.

Now, for my outfit. Since back to school is right around the corner I wanted to show you all some of the latest trends coming up.  Red, black and white checker patterns will be a thing. The reason why I was thinking about back to school when I put this together, because of those days when you wake up late for class or have little time to get ready. You’re just too busy studying or doing homework. I had plenty of those days in college, going to school full time while working part time. So you can do this, just slip on a pair of ripped jeans, put on a cami or a t-shirt (could be a graphic tee), an open flannel top, and some sneakers. Through on your favorite accessories, top it off with a large handbag to carry all your stuff around campus.  And you have an awesome look for the Fall that you can mix and match. You don’t even have to pick these colors, choose what you like. I was just showing some of the hot colors and patterns this fall.

More Fall 2017 looks to come soon.

Love you all,



In this shoot*

-Flannel Shirt by Eddie Bauer 

-Red Cami by Torrid

-Jeans by Torrid

-Shoes and Handbag by Coach

-Sunglasses by Sears

-Belt by Torrid

-Earrings by Lane Byrant




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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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