Cherry Bloosoms of 2019

So it is my annual promise of cherry blossoms photos that I took this spring season. (I am always talking about seasons. I do not know why? Maybe because I like the different little changes in life.) This year I wanted to know what it would look like when I went past peak flower bloom. Since every year during peak bloom Philadelphia has a Cherry Blossom Festival and it is overwhelming. Sorry, but I like to go to quiet places and I tend to avoid large massive crowds. I am kind of a quiet, peaceful person and do not like when massive amounts of people gather together. I perfer being around open places and having space. Which is fine, some people like the opposite and feel more secure around crowds and noises. I like having noise around me, but I like a little less noise of a bustling big city.

I am staring to fall in love with the west side of Fairmount Park. It feels like I am not even in the Philadelphia at all when I go there but the suburbs. It is not as crowded as most areas of the city are, like Center City, Philadelphia and Old City, Philadelphia.  So I was quite happy coming back after being there a month before. I went after the one week peak bloom this species of cherry trees have. Cherry Blossoms only have a two week flowering period and with our busy life I know that can be hard to get out and see them. Even by the time I got out and saw them the harsh wind from the past few days took most of the petals off the main stretch of trees. A few cherry trees on the side had some blooms left for me to photograph. But the turning from pink to green was beautiful to see. So many different colors!

So, this year outfit I actually got from Torrid. I think I will stick with a blue theme for my outfits when it comes to the cherry blossom photos. I think the blue hues go well with the pink flowers. I choosed this moon button down shirt and these blue plaid pixie pants that I already have several pairs of that I absolutely love to just slip on.  But the most important thing I am doing is pattern mixing, which I have not done in a while. Yes, I know, I’ve been avoiding it for a while. The thing is, I’ve been wanting to only wear solids to work and avoid patterns because we have to look a certain way and always wear what it is new at the store. We have to look like “walking mannequins” and it can be so hard when you get new shipment every day. I mean things change so much even I cannot keep up. So sticking to solids help me avoid the trendy patterns stores have that change every month.

Yes, I even have trouble keeping up with trends and infulencers.

So, I just put on my shirt that I steamed iron before I came to Fairmount Park, the pants, slapped on my favorite black denim moto jacket and some old shoes and went out to photograph some beautiful scenery.  I had some great lighting and could not ask for a better day to photograph some cherry blossoms for you all. Once again, I could not get a bad photo of the trees and landscapes.

Love you all!

Your Jersey Girl,


In this shoot:

Button Down Shirt by Torrid

Plaid Pants by Torrid

Black Denim Moto Jacket by Torrid

Shoes by ASOS

Backpack by Target


Published by Valerie Pantalone

Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

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