I Am Beauticurve Collection

By Lane Bryant x @iambeauticurve Collabration

With the success of the last collaboration, Girl With Curves, Lane Bryant decided to launch a second collection for the Spring 2019 season with Rochelle Johnson. The Beauticurve launched on March 20th, and it is not successful as the Girl With Curves collection they did last Fall 2018.  So far, only one item has sold out of the nine-piece collection, the off the shoulder stripe jumpsuit.

Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

Of course, I had to buy one thing from the collection in support of other plus size bloggers and influencers. By purchasing at least one thing we are showing clothing companies that we want to see exclusive collections like these more often, and that is the truth. Since the collection is mainly eight dresses and one jumpsuit I picked out the one piece that spoke to me, the floral pleated mid dress, and once again I was not disappointed.

Floral Pleated Mid Dress

With the success of the last collection that Lane Bryant put out, I feel that they wanted to produce more with other plus size bloggers and influencers but their next collaboration wasn’t ready for this spring season. So they contacted Rochelle and quickly came up with this collaboration in time for the spring. That’s the way I feel, I could be wrong, but I feel with it mainly being all dresses all with a similar silhouette and style. And all the dresses all have different patterns, none of which repeat on a top or skirt, it just looks rushed to me.  I do not think this collection was done in the same amount of time as the Girl With Curves or the next collection that will coming out by Lane Bryant.

I’m not saying the Beauticurve collection is bad. I mean I have gotten so many compliments on my dress these past few weeks. I even got a compliment when I went through a drive through.  And it is so comfortable and cozy. Not to mention the pattern and the color. The white to creamy off-white color of the base color, it changes from white to off-white depending on the light. And the floral print looks like it’s been painted on. I also love how flowy the dress is, I just want to twirl all the time in it. I also enjoy the pleats in the skirt, and pleats are so in right now for the season. I just cannot get over this dress. I feel that it is the best one of the collection and was not disappointed when I got in the mail. I can try to take pictures, but it doesn’t do this dress any justice in person.

Please enjoy this collection. And if you can, I recommend you show your support and purchase something. Especially if you want to see more plus size collaborations in the future. 

Love you all,


In This Shoot

Floral Pleated Mid Dress by Lane Brant x Beauticurve

Ballet Flats by Lucky Brand

Handbag by ASOS

wedding planning

Wedding News

Like I said I will keep you updated on my wedding planning and I have. We’ve decided to change the venue on where we are having the ceremony. Since it is going to be a private ceremony, we will have it in a small chapel just in case it rains. We just met with the reverend of the church. Next step I have on my list is designing and ordering my bridal shower invitations. So those will soon be going out! I am so excited because my bridal shower will be held at my childhood home so I will have my baby girl, Bella, with me.


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