Athleisure, What?

So we finally hitting the March month and most days I am wearing work out gear along with my work clothes on the weekdays, now. Weekends are for jeans and a t-shirt, now. Since I have been wearing so many leggings and comfy gear I had to be introduced to athleisure, well forced I should say. At my job they actually introduced an athleisure day so I was forced to come up with athleisure wear outfits. Of course I knew what athleisure was before this but I never knew how to successfully execute it.  I never really liked athleisure before so I never knew how to pull off a successful look.

You see I always thought athleisure was for lazy house moms who were always dragging one of their three kids around. Since they never have the “time” to take care of themselves and always needed to be “comfortable” they came up with athleisure as an excuse to always be in sweatpants. And still today moms still dominate the athleisure world. But athleisur has now gone mainstream and now fashionistas are trying to make athletic wear chicer than ever now. Women now want to look good and fashion forward while working out too.

Now that I am forced to wear athleisure, I personally now have to be a prime example of athleisure. Time to do some research! Off to our best friend Goggle. First I have to find out what is exactly athleisure was and what makes up an athleisure outfit. What is consider the “rules”. What I found out, it is combining workout or sweats with non-casual clothes in your wardrobe, for example work attire. Usually you pair it with fashion sneakers that you do not wear for when you are engaging in athletic activities. I do see athleisure posted as just wearing workout clothes or sweats too. But that is not how athleisure started. Athleisure is meant to take your sweatpants and make them more suffocated.

Now that I know the rules of athleisure, it was time to find pieces that I personally like that fit the description of the style. It was hard for me; I didn’t have much workout wear because I have not worked out in about three years because of my fibromyalgia. Over the past few months I’ve looked and tired on so many different athleisure wear. I’ve tried Rainbow Curves, Fabletics, Torrid, and even Lane Bryant. So far I really like Lane Bryant athletic line. They are just as good as Lululemon and Fabletics but not as costly. Rainbow Curves doesn’t have too much options with pockets, I really like leggings with pockets. And Torrid I am starting to find that their clothing is becoming too youthful for me now that I am getting older. I am starting to not like Torrid style as much as I used to. But for me their graphic tees will always be the best in plus size industry.

So far, out of everything I really like Lane Bryant leggings, they are one of the best out here in the industry so far without breaking too much of the bank. I wish they had more colors and pretty patterns than just black with some coloring blocking (but they have to include pockets). The pockets are great to hold your cellphone when working out. When I see more bright color legging with pockets then I will be more sold on this active wear. Hell, I found out athleisure style is so fun I even started working out again. It’s been too long since I’ve been to a gym, but I am not getting involved with the whole diet culture and using it to lose weight. I have no desire to be that person again.  Let’s get rid of diet culture and that mind set one and for all. I will definitely work out three times a week but that is it for me, no more. I do not want to overexert myself to be skinny again. I will be proud of my body this time.

Let’s say bye-bye to diet culture in 2019!

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Hoodie by Lane Bryant

Wicking Legging by Lane Bryant

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In wedding new I finally found my last vendor that I needed! It is all downhill from now on, pretty soon I will be done and good to go. I hoping that I will have everything done so in the final two weeks I can do last minute changes and what not. I am learning that on that day I mainly will not enjoy myself because there will be a lot to do that day. And we run into the many problems with weddings these days and how even though I try to go back to a simpler time, it is still hard because everyone wants something to show. I confess my wedding has gotten out of control. Way much more involved than I thought it would be. Mainly because I agreed to other people’s terms that were not paying for it but wanted something from me. I still have to reign in on everything, we cannot afford everything that everyone wants.

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Artists living in the suburbs of Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of town. Graduated Rowan University College of Art and Design in photography. She's been photographing and painting for over a decade now.

One thought on “Athleisure, What?

  1. I love this look, you look beautiful in it.I’m a sweatpants person so this seems like a great idea. Will try the look love it 👍👍❤


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